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Georges-Marie Haardt's Biography

Born in Naples, his parents are Belgian and run a clothing company. He started as a commercial agent and then joined Mors, which manufactures parts for locomotives. He quickly became an executive at Mors. It was there that, at the age of 24, André Citroën met him and integrated him into his management team.

Georges-Marie Haardt is a brilliant man, very elegant, who establishes his contacts with customers with ease. During the world premiere, he is director of the shell factory. In 1918, when the first Citroën factories were founded, he was appointed director and managing director. An unfailing friendship links him to André Citroën. In 1924, he led a group of Citroën mechanics to the United States. The aim was to develop a training project at Ford.

Between 1922, Haardt took command of the first crossing of the Sahara by car. In 1924-1925, he was commander-in-chief of the Black Cruise. In 1931-1932, he was the expedition leader of the Yellow Cruise.

On March 16, 1932, Georges-Marie Haardt died in Hong Kong on his return from the Citroën expedition to Central Asia.

"The man is dead but the work remains -stop- Bring back to France the body of your boss - stop- cry with you"

Telegram from André Citroën

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