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Drafts of screens

Dernière mise à jour : 13 mars 2020

For the complete Kickstarter campaign, no less than 12 different teams will be able to compete on "The Big Race".

Etude pour l'équipage américain

The American crew and their famous "Jeep" auto-caterpillar in the heart of the sumptuous landscapes of Monument Valley.

The British crew crosses the tea fields of India. Specialists will recognize the Citroën Kegresse type P19 model from the Victor Point expedition during the Yellow Cruise.

Equipage Belge

The Belgian crew in the Congo jungle. Experts will see the homage paid to the famous B2 Citroën model of the black cruise and its famous "Golden Beetle".

The Canadian crew crosses the frozen expanses of the Yukon which recalls the disastrous expedition of the white cruise of 1934. We recognize the half-track type C6 with its famous ski skates allowing the vehicle to roll on snow.

Equipage Français dans le Sahara

The French crew recalls the very first expedition ordered by André Citroën, the crossing of the Sahara in 1923.

Equipage exclusivement féminin

A crew that will be a Kickstarter exclusive made up exclusively of women, these suffragettes wish to prove their worth by making racing a formidable platform for their cause. Of course Simone Louise de Pinet de Borde will be behind the wheel.

Equipage allemand

The Germans cross the forests of Siberia, as we are still in the interwar period, the point helmet is required.

Equipage italien dans le désert Libyen

The Italian crew is in bad shape in the Libyan desert. We know the care that the Italians bring to their Bravado model and its shiny mechanics.

Equipage Soviétique

The Soviet crew sponsored by the party wants to demonstrate the performance of the USSR with a robust vehicle capable of facing all the elements.

Equipage Suisse en Himalaya

The Swiss crew benefits from superior financial means which enabled them to imagine a vehicle capable of facing the most difficult terrain. This crew will be a Kickstarter exclusive.

Sketches that portray exceptional visuals!

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Vraiment vous avez trouvé une perle rare avec votre illustrateur. Puisque nous sommes dans le design, concernant la qualité des cartes de jeu, je viens d'apprendre que le linen card fait baisser la visibilité des dessins et a tendance à se "graisser" avec les manipulations. Visiblement, il vaut mieux aller vers une épaisseur plus importante. Aprés mat ou brillant ? Je pense que si on veut rester dans "années 20", il faut rester sur du mat. Vu les illustrations, j'ai hâte de voir les cartes du deck 😉

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