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Receipt of the prototype

Dernière mise à jour : 13 mars 2020

We received the first 5 prototypes of "The Great Race" which becomes a really tangible project.

The general view of the box, we can easily imagine the place that the two Core-Box + Asia boxes will take in the future.

The Africa bag and these 60 very good quality tiles with the right thickness.

The South America bag. On the prototype, the patterns of the bags were made by transfer with an iron. The final product will be printed on fabrics.

On the South America tray, you can see a 1 euro coin that I positioned to show the scale.

The Africa side which offers another gaming experience.

Without doubt the most characteristic element of the game, the individual "vehicle" boards. We are delighted with their appearance. However, we will have to modify the tiles in the "paddock" extension because they are so well adjusted that it is difficult to remove them.

The season extension which makes the race more difficult ...

The "Power" mini-extension which adds a specific role for each of the crews. An essential variant!

Screens useful to hide its programming from other players but essential to immerse ourselves in the universe ...

The cards of the game with their retro look. This is not the final design, François Launay our illustrator will soon be doing wonders! In any case, for the moment they are doing the job!

Our tribute to the historic Citroën cruise team. Here we pay in Francs! It feels good to rediscover the pleasure of feeling tickets like in the Monopoly of our childhood ...

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Du trés trés bon travail ! Ça commence à prendre forme !

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