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A "Croisière Blanche" in Antartica

Dernière mise à jour : 13 mars 2020

In 1926, after the triumphant success of the Black Cruise, Haardt and Audouin-Dubreuil looked at the unexplored maps of the world. Two projects arise:

- Reach the South Pole by Auto-track or

- Cross Asia by the ancient silk routes.

The South Pole is privileged, the expedition is already called "White Cruise". But the idea is abandoned because of the price of icebreakers essential to its smooth running.

The story could have ended there ... Not quite because in 1934, the famous Richard Byrd wanted to experiment with Citroën vehicles in the harsh conditions of Antarctica (at a time when it did not melt).

André Citroën seduced by the media reach that such an event could have made available to Byrd two P15 NK models in Citroën colors with a whole lot of spare parts. He even suggests that a mechanic specialist in Kegresses could accompany the expedition free of charge. Byrd declines the mechanic but not the vehicles.

On November 21, Byrd telegraphs to Citroën the request for a third vehicle ... Citroën accepts.

There will never be an answer, no advertisement, no film, no thanks. The height of cynicism an Antarctic mountain range was well named after a car manufacturer but it was that of Henry FORD's son, Edsel FORD.

A White cruise was really organized on the initiative of Charles Bedaux, it did not take place in Antarctica but in Canada, but that's another story ...

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