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Tribute to adventurers of the 20th century

Dernière mise à jour : 13 mars 2020

We wanted to pay tribute to the real players in Citroën cruises through banknotes.

Nous avons voulu rendre hommages aux vrais acteurs des croisières Citroën par le biais des billets de banques.

André Citroën who chooses to communicate on the reliability of his cars unlike Louis Renault who worked on speed. The last expedition known as "Yellow Cruise" will be right for the fortune of André Citroën who was to sell his company following this human adventure.

Georges-Marie Haardt, right-hand man of André Citroën, he is the man of cruises par excellence, he was already on the initiative of the first Trans-Saharan. He was also the expedition leader of the black cruise connecting Colomb Béchar to Cape Town in Africa. His last one cost him his life soon after defeating Asia in the famous yellow cruise.

Louis Dubouin-Dubreuil, Haardt's lifelong accomplice, Louis Dubouin-Dubreuil is also part of all adventures.

Her daughter Ariane has transcribed this incredible odyssey into superb works that I recommend to you.

André Cécilion is a mechanic of genius who was an essential element in Citroën expeditions.

It was interpreted by Coluche in the series "La cloche tibétaine" which tells in a romanticized way the adventure of the yellow cruise.

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