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Creation of "Resource" cards

Dernière mise à jour : 13 mars 2020

In order to produce a prototype of the game, we produced "temporary" resource cards using 1900 type engravings. But this representation was anachronistic at the time covered: the 1930s.

Take for example the saboteur card whose initial aspect was this. We can see that the map is not really contextualized except for the eye patch that evokes a bad character animated by bad intentions who does not hesitate to commit malicious acts like sabotaging the vehicle of an opposing player!

Here is the new version of this card with an original illustration by François Launay.

The "Art Nouveau" frame specific to the 1900s has been replaced by an "Art Deco" type 1930 frame leaving more room for illustration. The major contribution lies mainly in the contextualization of the theme of "the Great Race". Here we see an ugly saboteur always "blind", normal it is a little naughty anyway ...

he wears a headband signaling that he had to resort to the use of an airplane to more easily arrive on the scene and commit his abject mischief!

In the background, we can see the victim crew in the process of seeing the damage ... this will slow down the race for them with the loss of 2 mechanical points which is not nothing!

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