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The crews

The "The Great Race" project will have no less than 12 crews if the Kickstarter is a success. Through the characters represented, we offer a somewhat caricatural less nevertheless fairly realistic representation of the belligerent nations of the 1930s.

The English are stoic Gentlemen who want to prove to the rest of the world that the British Empire has lost none of its splendor. The revenge Germans who suffered the defeat of 1918 wanted to show their superiority through this race.

The Soviets are determined to demonstrate the efficiency of the communist system by their selflessness and the robustness of their vehicle.

The Americans, a growing power, hope to show old Europe that modernity is found across the Atlantic. The French at the origin of the Citroën "Black Cruise" and "Yellow Cruise" expeditions want to show ardently that they have the advantage of experience and terrain.

The Italians filled with nationalist pride following the recent accession to power of Mussolini want to humiliate the other nations in this race where the transalpine genius can show its full power. Canadians, on the other hand, count on their ability to tame hostile nature through their selflessness and their will.

The Belgians, still a colonial power, want to demonstrate that the size of their small country is by no means an indicator of value and intend to rise to the top of the race.

The Women are in the game, tired of this ambient machismo and strong of their victory following the suffragette movement, they hope to demonstrate once and for all that male domination will no longer be at the dawn of the modern era.

The Swiss will not be outdone, with significant financial resources and advanced technology, the Swiss nation boast of being the most capable of crossing the reliefs that will punctuate the profile of the races of "The Great Race".

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