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The design of the box

As "The Great Race" is a game collection, it seemed imperative to have a graphic consistency of the boxes on all the pledges.

We have thought of game collectors who like to store their treasures in IKEA shelves. The games will form a continuity on the short edge of the box.

The idea is to be able to choose which side we choose to highlight, for example the pledge 1 will contain 2 circuits Africa in brown color and South America in green color.

We have also thought of allergy sufferers who store their boxes flat to avoid finding their loose material when the box is opened. The long edge also has graphic consistency.

As we are not fans of thermoforming for the inside of the box, we opt for a cardboard interior.

The somewhat complex interior cutout generates an octagonal shape.

The inner box allows to display on its edges the 2 dominant green and brown colors with the 4 nations present in the box: French, English, Italians and Belgians

The central part is still under study ...

The "bell" cover will have the same principle: 2 colors and 4 nations. François, our favorite illustrator is working on the main element of the box, namely the cover!

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