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The landscape tiles

"The Big Race" is a surprising blend of game mechanics combining programming and resource management. One of the greatest originality of the game is a kind of "fog of war" well known to video game players, ie a map that appears as the player moves. In "The Big Race" the courses will be created from landscape tiles specific to the different continents crossed.

Tuile paysage Afrique

In this example taken from the "Africa" route, crossing this area will require 1 petrol + 1 mechanical and a danger represented by the Rhinoceros in the illustration.

Each continent has its share of dangers. The vehicles of the adventurers will die hard, engine and chassis will suffer the pangs of the path.

South America is still largely unexplored land, beware of its dangers.

In this example from the "South America" course, crossing this area is very easy since this landscape has no obstacles on a somewhat chaotic course but a danger rumbles personified by this jaguar.

The rocky mountains got the better of Charles Bedaux's expedition, landslides, floods, landslides inspired us to make your trip more hectic.
Tuile glacier

In this example taken from the "Canada" course, an obstacle blocks the passage which will force the crew to stop their progress in addition to the exorbitant cost of the tile (2 gasoline + 2 mechanical).

The vast plains of the far west are the ideal territory to burn your petrol and swallow up the miles. But beware of the dangers of the road, hordes of bison, desperados ...

In this example taken from the "Wild West" course, it is an easy tile that contains no obstacle, no mechanical risk, no danger.

Crossing Asia will take you from goby deserts to Himalayan reliefs, passing through the Indian Ocean and the plains of the Middle East.


In this example taken from the "Asia" course, an almost impassable canyon blocks the participants in the race.

Join the adventure! Do you like these new illustrations? Let us know your opinion, comment and share!

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