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If you are a serial pledger, go your way this article is not for you! For those who have never crossed the course and who do not know the vocabulary we will try to give you some keys to understand.

The KickStarter Principle:

KickStarter whose abbreviation is KS is a crowdfunding platform. There are others but this is the one we chose because it addresses the largest and most prolific community of players. On KS, individuals become contributors (also called "backers") to help a project they like to see the light of day, because without them the project simply does not exist. It is a form of win / win relationship between the project leader and the backers who want the game to exist. Projects are only available for a limited time (usually a few weeks) with a stated objective (reaching a certain amount of money) so that the project can be carried out.

How it works :

You explore the enticing offer of game available on the KS platform, when you see a game that you like, you find it beautiful, the game-play you like, it's decided you crack .. go hop I click! You choose your game (called "reward" in the KS jargon).

Two scenarios are possible at the end of the time allotted for the campaign: 1 - The objective is not reached: in this case it is sad for the project leader, the contributor is disappointed but the amount of his commitment is not taken. 2 - Victory! The objective is achieved or largely exceeded ... everyone is happy, the amount of the commitment is taken, the project manager receives it to produce the game. You will not receive your desired game until several months later ( time to produce and ship the game). When you receive your reward, you will most of the time discover a beautiful game with a riot of equipment.

Yeees, I got my "Tang Garden"! It is even more beautiful than I imagined :)


Pledger : it is to contribute or engage in the campaign with the aim of a reward.

Core Box : it is the basic game, it is necessary to have it to be able to play with the extensions and the Add-on.

Add-on : it is another box adding its lot of extension to the game. Add-ons often appear during the campaign, their aim is to relaunch it if the number of "backers" decreases.

Backers : it is about individuals (you) who are committed to the project.

StretchGoals : This is the heart of KS and makes all the difference with a game sold in stores. StretchGoals are secondary goals that appear when the primary goal is accomplished. The principle is simple, if the project reaches a certain sum then a StretchGoal is unlocked. These are generally additional hardware or extensions for the game that will be incorporated into your game without changing the price! You will therefore want these objectives to be achieved to have more in your box! You will therefore encourage your entourage or your friends to pledger ... it's win / win :)

In this example each goal achieved will not only add more material to your box but also ... more game possibilities!

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