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Heroes of "The Great Race"

Dernière mise à jour : 13 mars 2020

Crew chiefs are charismatic leaders capable of the impossible. In terms of play, each leader has a unique specific power which increases the asymmetry of the game.

Jean Delatour

Born in Lyon in 1887, he was an artillery captain during the 14-18 war. In 1917, he commanded one of General Estienne’s Renault light tank brigades. After the war, in 1919, he joined the “all terrain” department of Citroën companies. In 1921, he piloted a Citroën autochenille at the Mont Revard mountain chariot competition. He rolls in the dunes of Pyla in Arcachon and he takes part in the demonstration of Fontainebleau. Tried for the trans-Saharan mission in winter 1922, an influenza nailed him to the bed. Georges-Marie Haardt will head the famous Citroën cruises, in Africa and Asia. Delatour participates in tracking as well as in planning missions.

Sir Andrew Walledgrave

Born in London in 1901, son of 11ᵉ Earl Walledgrave, he was destined for a military career. He started in the Royal Navy as a cadet. His birth and his bravery offered him opportunities which he hastened to seize. Commander of a Patrol-class sloop for the Royal Indian Navy, he provides security for the Indian coast. On the death of his father, the young lord inherited the family fortune. Daring and even reckless, Sir Andrew, who has become a peer of the kingdom, cannot be idle. He is passionate about motorsport and mainly for endurance racing. He made up a remarkable team around his modified Kegresse P17. With The Great Race, the honor of Great Britain is at stake. And Sir Andrew wants to win, for the King!

Giani Martinetti

Born in Chiavica near Pavia in 1895, the son of a modest Lombard industrialist. He studied at the Technical School in Milan, where he graduated first. Passionate about mechanics, he joined the CMN (Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali) workshops. Versatile and daring, he became a pilot-tester. For Lancia, he is working on an improved version of the 1Z military vehicle. Based on the work of the French (Citroën) and the Germans (Mercedes) he developed an autochenille “all terrain” model for the army, the Lancia 1ZM Bravado. Robust, fast, this Bravado and its crew are exceptional competitors for the biggest race in the world ... The Great Race.

Leonard Van Hotten

Born in Antwerp in 1889, second son of the famous Van Hotten family. After brilliant business studies, he became head of the import branch of the family business. Passionate about ethnology, he is fluent in a dozen languages and dialects. Affable in nature, he naturally attracts sympathy. His travels take him to the most inaccessible areas of the world in search of spices that will make the reputation of the family business. To this end, he gathered around him a team of mechanics, cartographer, scientist and bought a Kegresse autochenille. The Great Race is a perfect opportunity to discover the unknown. And incidentally, for the prestige of his family, he plans to win.

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Gros travail et idée formidable. Un plus dans le game play.

Me gusta
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