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All Kegresse models

Dernière mise à jour : 13 mars 2020

To enrich our documentary base, here is an exhaustive panel of all the models created with the Kegresse patent.


Adolphe Kegresse filed his patent in 1913 and in 1920 performed a rather spectacular demonstration in front of Citroën in Arcachon with a prototype. Citroën is conquered by this revolutionary technology. The car has just entered the all-terrain era!


The K1 type is the first model sold in 1922 to the French army. It is this model that will be used for the first crossing of the Sahara by motorized vehicle.


The P4T type was made famous by the "Black Cruise" 8 Citroën Kegresse of the P4 type crossed Africa from North to South. In the game, the Belgian crew is equipped with this model.


The P6 type, a model that was never marketed intended to make rich tourists travel across the Sahara before Renault won the pawn with its famous 6 wheels.


The P2T type which was also never marketed. It inaugurated a traction system on the front pulley which will equip the following models.


The P7T type, an evolution of the P4T type with the traction system on the front pulley which provides a more dynamic ride.


Type P10 which was used for different purposes, industrial, military or agricultural.


The P17 model which fitted the Pamir group in the famous "Yellow Cruise". A completely demountable light vehicle, each piece of which could not exceed 50 kg in order to be carried on a man's back. It was a very useful provision for crossing the Himalayas. In the game, we attributed this model to the French ...


Type P15N specially adapted for driving on snow. In the game, the Canadian crew will be equipped with this extraordinary vehicle.


The P19 type, following the triumphant return of the "Yellow Cruise", many dandies in search of adventure invested in this model.


Type P14 particularly appreciated in the agricultural field.


The P26 type probably the most widely distributed model thanks to the army which made it its troop transport truck from 1932 to 1936.


Type P107, renowned for its robustness. In the game, the Russian crew will be equipped with a tarpaulin type P107, a solid vehicle to face the tundras.


The P21 type, the other vehicle of the "Yellow Cruise", a heavy vehicle of the "China" group led by Victor Point capable of facing the rigors of the Gobi desert (a cold desert). In the game we have equipped the British crew with this legendary vehicle.


The P112 type, with a curious mixed tire-wheel and track to increase speed.


As you can see, the number of variables is endless and can fuel the imagination of the game.

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