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Vehicles sheets

The vehicle files have 3 gauges represented by a moving arrow. The card is made up of two parts cut and laminated together. The back of the card on the right side of the illustration allows the clip to be integrated inside the card and ensures the stability of the assembly when the card is placed on a table.

The back of the vehicle sheet being available ... we took this opportunity to represent the variety of indigenous vehicles with a different machine for each nation.

The "Paddock" extension will allow players to compete with different vehicles in two modes:

1 - each player will be able to configure their vehicle individually by increasing or reducing the basic capacities of their vehicle by a value of 5 on the 3 gauges. The player will receive 100F of his starting capital for each gauge which he will reduce to 4. Conversely, the player will have to draw 100F from his starting capital to increase the capacities of his vehicle.

2 - players will be able to refer to the predetermined values of the vehicles of each nation.

The famous Citroën P17 of the "PAMIR" type of the "Croisière Jaune" expedition equips the French crew.

Petrol = 7, Engine = 5, Chassis = 5

The Citroën C2 called "Golden Scarab" which was used during the "Black Cruise" is used by the Belgian crew.

Petrol = 6, Engine = 5, Chassis = 6

The English use a Citroën P19 type "GOBI"

Petrol = 7, Engine = 6, Chassis = 4

The Italian crew, passionate about mechanics, opted for an extremely modern "Bravado" type model.

Petrol = 5, Engine = 6, Chassis = 6

The German crew and its innovative vehicle "SDKFZ 11" and its roller track system. It is a large capacity vehicle.

Petrol = 5, Engine = 5, Chassis = 7

The Soviet crew is equipped with a model P107 of type "SIBERIA" is known for its robustness, its large capacity and its enormous tank. The technology is obsolete but efficiently assembled which makes the vehicle extremely reliable.

Gasoline 6, Engine = 6, Chassis = 6 (but the Russians have put all their budget in their vehicle and start the game with 0 F in their pocket).

The suffragette team in their elegant "Belinda" model managed to modify a P17 model in an extremely ingenious way. Thanks to their innovative vehicle, they are determined to make the surrounding machismo gorge.

Petrol = 7, Engine = 4, Chassis = 6

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